A VR analytics framework to assess the user experience of digital twins

A Turing-Manchester Feasibility Project

Duration: April – September, 2022


Digital twins are often represented through Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) models. The experience with such models has typically been evaluated qualitatively, which yields an in-depth understanding but lacks breadth and is costly. Currently, tool support for quantitatively evaluating immersive models VR/AR is lacking and measuring the immersive experience is still an open research question. Therefore, we do not know if digital twins are serving their intended purpose.

In this project we will address this gap by developing an affordable VR/AR experimental framework for testing hypotheses in immersive environments including digital twins.


Markel Vigo (PI, Department of Computer Science)
Gail Millin-Chalabi (CoI, Department of Planning and Environmental Management)
Nuno Pinto (CoI, Department of Planning and Environmental Management)
Qudamah Quboa (PDRA, Alliance Manchester Business School)
Ron Bar-Ad (RA, Department of Social Statistics)
Olga Menukhin (RA, Alliance Manchester Business School)